The BJP also attempted to drag the Prime Minister's Office into the CWG controversy, questioning why the PMO and the Union Cabinet did not verify before approving the "inflated budget" of various Games projects and demanded a joint parliamentary committee (JPC) probe into alleged irregularities.

Terming the alleged bunglings as a "very big scam", BJP president Nitin Gadkari said a detailed probe should be held by a JPC to "uncover the involvement of the political leadership".

He said the Central Bureau of Investigation should also investigate corruption charges and submit its report within three months.

Gadkari claimed that BJP has substantial documents to prove the involvement of political leaders and the party would submit them to a JPC.

"All types of increase in estimates were approved by the Cabinet sub committee and the PMO. Before approving (the inflated cost), why they did not verify," Gadkari said wondering "whether the whole Cabinet is responsible for the chaos and corruption in CWG preparations".

Gadkari claimed that benami financial deals took place in CWG projects through the Mauritius route.