Minimum-Maximum temperature Delhi

The minimum and maximum temperature of Delhi

  • Summers (March to June) are scorching with temperature rises to 47 °C. Typically tourists avoid visting Delhi during the hot months of April to June.
  • Winters (December to February) are very chill, with temperature dropping down to 1 °C. January is foggy with heavy fogs disrupting traffics.
  • Monsoons (July to September) are accompanied with heavy flooding rains intermittently. The gardens in Delhi are getting enlivened up during the monsoons.
Best season to visit Delhi is from July to February. Keep off high winter period of January with heavy fog during which flights are also getting delayed indefinitely due to poor visibility.
  • July to Septemebr is good for city trips and short sight seeing trips. Keep a watch on road blocks due to rains.
  • October to December is ideal for all kinds of sight seeing activities in and around Delhi.
  • January is chilly and fogs may disrupt the morning hours activities.
  • February and March are pleasant and suitable for outings.

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