Celebrate New Year in Bangalore

Brigade road [m.g. road] u can come down & enjoy or if u like PUB go head,
go with family any live show / music / dance concern.
book a table for family in any hotel enjoy, or resorts,
go for family shopping in any mall u will get very high discount, or
on 1st morning hours go 2 temple or church or .... do d pooja / pray, or
visit surrounding place or celebrate at home or with family friends, relatives, or
just go to along with family innovative film city or wonderla or any park [bannargatta, lalabagh] or any lake, sankey, ulsoor

lot of option is there to celebrate New Year in Bangalore it's all depend upon u r budget, age group & culture.Since you want to spend New Year Eve with your family,please avoid following areas -- M.G.Road,Brigade Road and other such up scale areas.The reason is ,these places will be full of young people who be either drunk or high on other substances will misbehave. Find out from your local friends the list of hotels which might organize Indian based Musical function and plan on attending it. You can also check out any resorts which are close to Bangalore and check what kind of accommodation they offer and the New Year Eve events they are planning to organize.
so enjoy and Happy new year.

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