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The following steps will help you to change your Mobile Number(Idea ,Tata Docomo, Airtel, reliance) to Vodafone.

Go to a Vodafone Retail store and complete the following three easy steps:

1. Go to your nearest Vodafone retail store and sign an authorisation form.
We will ask you to sign a form to confirm that you are authorised to port your number from your current service provider. For example, if your phone is a company phone, you'll have to get the person who is authorised to change service providers to transfer the connection into your name first.

2. Choose a new Vodafone On Account or Prepay plan.
Our Vodafone representatives will also help you choose either a Prepay or On Account plan that best suits your needs. You will need to agree to either the Vodafone Prepay or Vodafone On Account Terms and Conditions depending on which plan you choose and if you sign up to an On Account plan you'll also need to have a credit check.

You may also need a new mobile depending on the network that you are porting from. We have a huge range of world-class mobiles from the leading manufacturers, and some fantastic deals to make them easy to afford.

If you're joining Prepay you will need an active Vodafone Prepay SIM card. If you don't already have one you can purchase and activate a connection pack from one of our Vodafone retail stores.

3. Tell them that you and your mobile number want to port to Vodafone!
Make sure you bring in the following with you, so that our store representative can port you over:

•For users of an existing on account service - your mobile number and account number which you can find on your bill.
•For users of an existing prepaid service - your mobile number and current mobile.
Things you need to know:

•The port takes approximately three business hours from the time the Vodafone representative has started the port. Your Vodafone representative should advise you on a time they expect the port to be complete.
•During the port there will be a 30 minute period where you may not be able to rely on all mobile services. For example you will be able to make calls with Vodafone but not receive calls. You'll know the process is complete when you receive a TXT from us to your Vodafone mobile letting you know you are active on the Vodafone network.
•Hours that you can port your mobile number to Vodafone are Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm, so if the Vodafone representative starts your port over at 5pm, it may take until the next business day morning to complete the process.
•Following porting, your access to and use of some services may differ from those available to 021 customers.
•If you have moved your number from On Account to Prepay or Prepay to On Account you will be unable to do Mobile Number Transfer or Transfer of Title in the future.

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