Lyrics of Little Things you do for me Vodafone TV

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Vodafone India Delights Tv Ad
Language: English
Director : Prakash Varma
Release Date: 2010
Type: TV Commercial
Produced by Nirvana Films

Mood of the Song: Soothing

Loved this TV commercial instantly.
Pictured On slightest emotions of human heart....i swear once you listen to this song, you'll be mad-crazy about this song. :)

♥♥♥ Song Lyrics : Little things you do for me ♥♥♥

The Little things you do for me..
n nobody else make me feel Good....
Little things you do for me...
Making me smile n no one else could...!
That's why i like to sit next to you....,
and Hear your mad stories, i know they're not true..
and i like that we share a secret or two ......Together....!
Little things you do for me..

Enjoy the Lyrics...

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