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A man in Sonepat district in Haryana has become the world's oldest father at the age of 94, breaking earlier record of a 90-year-old farmer in the western state of Rajasthan, said Times of India Tuesday.

Ramajit Raghav, a laborer from Kharkhoda in Haryana, has said that he had become a proud father . His wife Shakuntala, who gave birth to the child, is in her mid fifties.

The child was born in a local government hospital where doctors said that the child was delivered normally and was in good health.

Thats a great news all round the Sonepat and a reason to have great news.

The couple termed their child's birth as "God's gift" and named him Karamjit, the report said.

Raghav said that he had been a wrestler in his youth and his daily diet comprised of three kilograms milk, half a kilogram of almonds and half a kilogram of ghee, the report said.

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